Honeywell : Vista 10P

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Honeywell : Vista 10P
• IP alarm reporting and uploading/downloading capability for Internet and Intranet use via iGSMV4G,7845i-ENT, GSMV4G or GSMX4G 
• Six hardwired zones on board
• 16 wireless expansion zones totaling 22 protection zones
• Eight independent keyfob zones allow two wireless keys to be programmed without using any of the 22 zones
• 32 Event log
• 16 user codes
• One configurable zone type allows installers to create their own custom zone type
• Two on-board triggers 
• Four output devices using a 4204 relay module 
Valuable End-user Features
• Flexible function keys allow single button arming 
• One programmable macro key 
• Viewable on system keypad display 
– Exit countdown 
– Time and date* 
– Event log* 
• Two schedules 
– Can activate relays on programmed times or on events 
– Latchkey reports to a pager 
– “User Access” time windows 
• Chime by zone 
• Four output devices with multiple actions per device 
– Turn lights on when system disarms with a 4204 Relay 
– Flash same lights when system is in alarm using a 4204 Relay
• Fully compatible with Honeywell Total Connect™ Remote Services 
*with Alpha Keypad 

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