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PRO3000 2-Door Intelligent Controller Features

• True 32-bit microprocessor provides fast transaction processing for the most demanding network applications
• TCP/IP-based distributed hardware architecture allows for economic system installation
• Flash memory allows new versions of firmware to be downloaded from the host computer to the controller(s) through the central network
• Large, local controller database allows access control decisions to be made by controller in real time without the need to communicate to the server
• Scalable architecture ensures optimal performance with a seamless upgrade path to accommodate future growth beyond initial installation

Cardholder capacity: 55,000
Transaction storage: 45,000
Flash programming for firmware revision updates
Access level: 128
Holidays: 255
Time zone: 127
Card reader formats: 128 Wiegand format support
Credential facility codes: 8
Dedicated tamper alarm
Dedicated power fail alarm
Real time clock:
 - Geographic time zone support
 - Leap year support
Embedded web server to configure network attributes


  Ethernet port connected to TCP/IP network as master panel
RS485 multi-drop connection for downstream panels
Onboard I/O: 
  2 Readers, expandable to 62 readers per gateway controller
8 Supervised inputs
4 Relay outputs
Operational Functionality: 
  Operational modes:
 - Card only
 - Card and PIN
Maximum site codes: 8 digit ; Anti-Passback support:
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